Scientific Validation

  • Clinical trial paper of Atherocid was presented in 2nd International Symposium on Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology in the year 2000s, held at New Delhi in October 1998 & 3rd Internation Symposium on Atheroscierosis, Thrombosis and Transfusion Medicine held at New Delhi in October 1998.
  • Experiment research related to Hepatomed as antioxidant, was published in Indian Journal of Experimenal Biology(CSIR). VOl. 33, January 1995, pp 34-37.
  • Anti-inflamatory and Antioxidant property of Sandhika was published in Indian Journal of Experimental Biology(CSIR) Vol.33, June 1995, pp-428-432.
  • Several clinical and experimental research publications related to the Ingredients of all Surya’s products have been published as monographs, Ph.D & M.D. thesis and as research papers in various National and International Journals.
  • Surya Pharmaceuticals has been honored by a National Award for scientific approach by the Government of India by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Hon’ble Sri K.C. Pant on 11th May 2002.
  • The Scientific validation of Bronco-T was performed by school of Life Sciences Central University Hyderabad by Prof. P. Reddana and product was launched by the Chief Minister Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu at the Bio Tech Invest-2003 on 31st January 2003.
  • A project entitled Scientific Validation of Nephromed for Renal disorders is under study at B.H.U. under leadership of Prof. R.G. Singh, the Founder Head Dept. of Nephrology, Institute of Medical Science, BHU. The project has been sponsored by Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI and Surya Pharmaceuticals.
  • A Polyherbal Formulation BHUX was invented by Prof. Dr. Y.B. Tripathi, Head Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, BHU to prevent atheroscierosis. The technology was transfered to Surya Pharmaceuticals for its commercialization. Now the product is licensed under name Rudra. A scientific paper published in International Journal, “Inflammo-Pharmacology, Vol-12, No-2, pp-131-152(2004).”
  • Following papers were presented in National Seminar of Industry and Institution Interface for New Drugs to Manage Inflammatory Diseases, held at B.H.U. on 17 to 18 March 2005 in association with DST Delhi.
    • New Polly herbal formulation (BHUX) for Atheroscierosis and Osteoporosis.
    • Diabetomed its standardization and mechanism of action.
    • Evaluation of Polyherbal Nephromed in patient of chronic kidney diseases.
    • Clinical Evaluation of a Poly herbal formulation: Atherocid in Hyperlipidemia
    • Scope of R&D in Natural Products, an Overall Health and Socio-economics Developement.