Philanthropic Profile

We are sincerely supporting an NGO Prof. S.N. Tripathi Memorial Foundation registered under Societies Act No. 21, 1860 vide Reg. No. 928/1992-93, which is organising social activities, Conferences. Health camps, Exhibitions, Health Melas and distributing medicines free of cost. Recently, a campaign of one year free distribution of Can 7, a polyherbal formulation for cancer patients oragnised, since 14th January 2002. Surya’s business philosophy is out come of the noble intention of its founder and principle executives.
Surya pharmaceuticals provides safe, pure and effective herbal products, which are reflective of commitment. This includes a dedication to the ancient principle of nonharming, which is essential for a sustainable future. Medicines that are truly holistic i.e., while healing people, it also helps to heal the Earth.

Social Activity:

  • On Behalf of being General Secretary of Prof. S.N.T.M Foundation:-
  • Organized a conference on Export of Ayurvedic Medicines on 9th May 1993.
  • Organized conference on protection and propagation of Herbal medicines on 29th June 1993 at National level and the output is enclosed herewith.
  • Organized a conference on the subject of Earning of foreign currency by exporting the herbal products.
  • Organized Rural Health Development programme and adopted three Gram Sabha at Niyamtabad block in Varanasi on 14th January 1994 and continuos health services are being continued in villagers.
  • Organized a conference on Dunkel, Gatt and its effects on Ayurveda and agriculture on 29th June 1994.
  • Organized a conference on Patent of quality of Ayurvedic Medicines.
  • Organized a function with Hon’ble Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, The President, Govt. of India for “A book release function:, with other functions and distribution of “Pryavaron Mitra” Puraskar by Hon’ble President on dated 5th August 1994 at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.
  • Health camp for prevention of lipidemic disorder on 14th January 1995.
  • Organized a conference on the subject – Social responsibilities of Vanprastha on 11th June 1995.
  • Organized a conference on subject of AHAR VIHAR and SWASTHYA on 29th June 1995.
  • Organized a conference on subject of Ayurvedic Panchkarma Therapy and health on 14th January 1996.
  • Organized a conference on subject of Advantage and requirements of Panchkarma on 8th March 1996.
  • Organized a conference on subject of Development and advantage of Ayurveda on 12th March 1996.
  • Organized a conference on subject of Selection of Ayurvedic medicines on 23rd March 1996.
  • Organized a conference on subject of Importance of Panchkarma in Ayurveda on 29th June 1996.
  • Organized a conference on subject of Cultivation of medicinal plants and plantation 29th June 1997.
  • Organized a conference on Sanskrit, Sanskar and Swasthya on 14th Jan 1998.
  • Organized a conference on Conservation and safety environment of earth on 29th June 1998.
  • Provided testing facility free of cost of edible oils causing dropsy in Varanasi territory on 29th Aug 1998.
  • Organized a conference on prevention and treatment of heart diseases on 29th June 1999.
  • Organized Abhinandan Samaroha and a conference for commencement of Graduate Ayurvedic College at Banaras Hindu University on 22nd July 99.
  • Organized Conference on heart diseases and it’s prevention on 14th Jan 2000.
  • Organized Conference on protection of environment on 6th June 2000.
  • Organized Conference on “Rapid Moral buildup and its need” on 1st July 2000.
  • Organized Propagation on “Development of Ayurveda in to lability on 14 Jan. 2001.
  • Organized Conference on Preventive Cardiology, 2001.
  • Organized Conference on “Cancev sits Ayrvedic Treatment” and started a program of free Distributors of Polyherbal Ayurvedic drug upto 1yr on 14Jan. 2002.
  • Organized Conference on Anemia and blood deficiency disorders and its ramedies on 29 June 2002.
  • Organized Conference for conservation of Sanatan Sanskriti, 29 June 2003
  • Organized Awareness program for prevention of Asthma and Allergy. 6Dec. 2003
  • Release of Branco-T by Chief Minister of A.P. after scientific validation on 31st Jan. 2003.
  • Organized Awareness program for Water Born Diseases on 14 Jan. 2004
    Founder “Nirwachan Matadhikar Forum”, founded on 26April 2004 for rights of voters
    Many Scientific, Health Awareness, Socio-Economic, Articles and Asses have been Published in Magazines and Daily News Papers.
  • Participated and Presented Papers in National and International Conferences and Seminars.