Wormicid Syrup & Tablet

A Dietary Supplement for Worm infestations, Amoebiasis, Giardiasis and mixed Parasitic Infestations.

A combination of reputed krimighna drugs of Ayurveda, which are useful for Roundworm, Hookworm and Pinworm.


Bidang (E. ribs),

Palash Beej ( B. frondosa),

Kuberakch (C. bondusella),

Kutaj (H. antidysenterica),

Parsikyavani (H. nigar).


Mode of Action

BIDANG, PALASHBEEJ & KUBERAKCH are established wormicidal drugs. KUTAJA & KUBERKCHA are more useful for amoebiasis & girdiasis. PARSIKYWANI is Krimighna as well as anti-spasmodic. Thus, it is a useful combination for mixed parasitic infestation.

Clinical Observation

WORMICID has been found to be highly useful for symptomatic relief for the patient of heliminthiasis, amoebiasis & giardiasis.
With the use of WORMICID for 2-3 weeks stool becomes negative for ova of Roundworm, Hookwarm, Pinwarm & cyst of Amoeba & Giardia

Long term use of WORMICID is highly recomended for the Eradication of Parastic infestations of the Gut & can be used as a community medicine for worms.


Adult :

2TSF/2 tabs. Thrice daily.

Children :

1TSF/1 tabs. Thrice daily.

WORMICID can be also used after the use of Single dose wormicidal drugs